What We Do - Momentous Energy
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What We Do

Momentous Energy provides complete turnkey solutions for the building and operation of renewable energy projects, whether directly connected to the national grid or for businesses that require their own source of clean, reliable electrical energy.


We are capable of implementing and managing the entire project life cycle for the development of renewable energy projects, including:

Development Phase
Operation Phase

Coupled to this, we provide sustainable job creation and skills training across all our project sites. It is our policy, wherever possible, to work with the local community in developing renewable energy project sites, and in so doing share our knowledge and the benefits of renewable energy.


Momentous, as Momentous Operations Services (Pty) Ltd, offers a complete Management Services package for the administration and operation of solar farms both under the DOE IPP program and for independent PPAs. As the Service Provider, Momentous will ensure that the Management Services are performed so that the Facility (solar farm) is operated, maintained and inspected efficiently, safely, economically and reliably and in a way that enables the Facility to continue its operation;

  • in accordance with the requirements of Responsible Authorities;
  • in compliance with any applicable Laws, the Codes, standards and Consents;
  • in accordance with the directions of the Owner;
  • in accordance with the standards of a Reasonable and Prudent Service Provider;
  • in accordance with each Project Document and this Agreement;
    so as not to engage in Corrupt Acts in compliance with the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004;
  • in accordance with the Economic Development Obligations; and
  • in an appropriate, effective and efficient, dependable and cooperative manner.

We also ensure that:

  • full documentation is kept securely both electronically and hard copies
  • Lenders compliance and report is in line with the Facilities Agreement
  • monthly accounting is undertaken and payment of the contractor and staff is provided for
  • quarterly EDO reporting is carried out
  • full monitoring of the solution during the O&M period is undertaken and complied with.


Momentous has a range of financial models and financing options to bring your project to fruition efficiently and effectively. Our financial services include:


  • Structuring and modeling
  • Raising funds
  • Managing of payments

The additional services we offer include:

  • Land acquisition
  • Site design and assessment
  • Yield calculations
  • Obtaining authorizations
  • Design and preliminary engineering through partners
  • Site preparation and planning
  • Operation and maintenance of the site
  • Contractual and legal advice (sites, grid, PPA and sub