Momentous Energy
Momentous Energy integrates with current systems processes to create complete green value chains.

Green Hydrogen

Momentous Energy has partnered with technology leaders in green hydrogen, in providing Water Electrolysis technology. Water Electrolysis technology is modular, scalable, reliable, highly efficient and flexible technology. Water Electrolysis couples the renewable energy source to the downstream market of gases, fuels and chemicals. The plant consist of completely pre- assembled, pre-commissioned and tested modularized skids which can be transported easily with trucks. With modularized skids, we are able to combine several sizes of process units in order to build up the required capacities in accordance to client’s expectations. Momentous Energy undertakes the technical design, including the mass and energy balances, plant designs for integrating Water Electrolysis technology into the value chains and chemical processes. Engineering and construction works are managed.

Power Generation

Balancing the demand of power on grids is increasing due to the aging and decommissioning of coal-fired plants. Hydrogen can serve as a clean energy carrier and can be later re-converted. Green hydrogen can be used in gas turbines or fuel cells to generate power to mitigate power outages and drive decarbonization. Projects include retrofitting existing renewable energy IPPs or creating new renewable energy IPPs with the electrolysis process and generation of power either through gas turbines or fuel cell technology.

Commercial & Industrial

Momentous Energy delivers solutions for sustainable chemical value chains – such as in ammonia, methanol, plastics and bioplastics applications. Value chains can be completely CO₂ – free such as “green ammonia” derived from photovoltaic energy, water electrolysis, air and the ammonia production process. Oxygen from the electrolysis process can be utilized in many applications – as a chemical reaction catalyst, for heating. Oxygen can be used in many industries such as to produce steel or glass.


There are a variety of mobility applications for green hydrogen such as - 

Hydrogen is used directly  in  transportation means without further conversion, as an energy source, in fuel cell systems.

Hydrogen is a key element in producing methanol. Through the methanol synthesis process, methanol can be produced and used in internal combustion engines.

Refineries consume hydrogen in specific fuel production processes. Green hydrogen can be supplied to refineries to complement production processes and improve fuel quality.


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