Solar PV - Momentous Energy
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Momentous provides energy supply solutions that are not connected to the national grid and which typically deliver a power supply for mines or rural infrastructures that are too far away from the national grid network. This includes providing electricity to mines in remote areas, powering buildings in rural areas as well as producing environmentally friendly power for lights, refrigerators and communication devices. We work with local businesses to establish and operate the solar power plants that generate a continuous energy supply and thus strengthen the local economy.


Our grid-connected systems are usually connected to the national grid (in South Africa this is Eskom) and feeds power into the primary grid system. The Momentous grid-connected systems vary in size from commercial solutions (+-50kWp) to solar power stations (up to 75MWp). These offer a form of decentralized electricity generation and carbon reduction. The feeding of electricity into the grid requires the transformation of DC into AC by a special, grid-controlled solar inverter and working closely with the Grid Network Operator.